On Wednesday I had the best medical system experience of my life!

and believe it or not, it was Australia’s Health Service, that runs medical checks for people applying for AUS visas.

Apart from the waiting in the line (which is expectable), all the rest was great. The guy accepting my papers was interested where Belarus is and got an atlas out to check it 🙂 Welcome, please come through, smiles and being professional, thank you etc etc – you feel like a decent person being treated there! Official people – smiling at you!!

It may sound strange for many, but being treated in such a way is something unusual coming from Belarussian background. If you were to apply for similar stuff in Belarus, you’d feel like a criminal not deserving effort. Our officials almost never look at you, never smile, almost never say please and thank you.

Needless to say I’m very impressed and appreciate once again the comfort of living in the great country of Oz 🙂