About Amsterdam

…I think I will miss Amsterdam.

I’m writing these lines, sitting in a café in the city, waiting for my UK visa, it is a rainy June day. Every time I come to the city in the last couple of months (which happens more often), I admire how cozy Amsterdam is.

I love its small houses, standing as they are not sure which side – forward, left, right – they should go; their dark red, brown, white, yellow colors, along with brick narrow cover of the streets, create the feeling of the city for me.

Well, of course, canals – that’s why houses are small and not straight. Canals, that are like roads, forming the city; filled with boats: houses-boats, floating on the water; usual ones, all sizes and colors. And when it’s a sunny summer day, there is nothing better in Amsterdam for me, than to sit in a small café by the canal, or just on the canal itself, and look at boats passing by, and people in it; trees around create a green with sun colors cover for the canals and streets…

When you walk in Amsterdam, you see those hundreds of small streets; they are the secret of the city. You can get lost, but at the end you always find something:

– Wine shop, with bottles on their wooden shelves, and an old man looking as he knows all the secrets of good taste in the world;
– Modern boutique with the latest fashion clothes that you can window-shop indefinitely;
– Book store, with rare exemplars of editions, used and new; and the best collection of postcards in it as well;
– Trendy haircut salon with huge windows, where you see the process of turning a regular middle-age woman into someone mysterious; and next to the salon is a cheese-shop, displaying more kinds of cheese you thought existed;

– A typical house, with kid running through a small garden; and a aristocratic-like villa, looking as children never crossed its gates.

When it’s rainy – as today – Amsterdam is covered in an almost transparent coat of small drops, that floats above canals and streets; and people rush through it: amsterdamers on bikes, ruling with one hand and holding an umbrella in the other hand; and sometimes a child in a front basket. Amsterdamers without bikes, walking not too fast and confident. Tourists, bringing dozens of new languages into Amsterdam trams and to the streets, queuing to Van Gogh museum even under the rain, and creating like a half of population of the city in summer.

On such rainy days you run from a building to a tram, from a tram to a building… And on the way, I catch a reflection of Amsterdam houses in ponds 🙂

I love Amsterdam cafes, they are different and nice. From big and noisy and lively places, that are so Dutchy 🙂 – to small and cozy, practically for several tables cafes, that make you feel like you want to stay in their candles – mirrors – music atmosphere for hours.
You can sit, as I am now doing, on a nice couch in a café by the window, looking at people passing by, and think, work with a laptop, read, drinking your coffee and listening to all that dutch-english-any other chatting, mixed with music, which all together is that blend of cafes that make me going there again and again 🙂

Amsterdam, Amsterdam…