about marketing, being different and life

“If brands are as significant part of our culture as we [marketers] claim, we should aim to be net donors to our culture. That would be different.” – J.Matthews, Blue Marlin

“Your job is to sell this car!’ – ‘No, my job is to make people want to buy this car” – T.Moult, SPG

“Since climate change is driven by per-head consumption, the way to mitigate it is simple to reimagine each of those values [beauty, health, travel, leisure, fun, self-esteem] in ways that don’t depend on buying too much stuff. “ – R.Butler

“Being truly different impact positively on your people, product and the bottom line, but it usually comes with a cost” – W. Leach. Isn’t it so also for people, being truly different makes an impact, but it does come with a cost…

“What you choose not to do is just as important as what you choose to do”

“Leadership and conviction is what it boils down to. The difference between good and great leaders is the ability of the great to transform. They do so by having powerful beliefs and convictions, the courage to stand by them, the power to attract people and partners on the journey and the generosity to share success”