About Susan Boyle

I finally watched Susan Boyle video, in short – amazing. In case you haven’t seen yet, the full version (with pre-show backstage comments) is below.


over 75,000,000 million views, 200,000 comments, it’s a global sensation

It’s such a cool story, a few thoughts that were running through my head:

– beautiful moment, I had a smile on my face since the moment she started singing

– never have preconceptions, assuming too many things backfires 🙂

– such a shame how people reacted to her at first. What where all those comments in the beginning, frowns, tone about?? Don’t people have a chance to start doing something later in their life? Do you really have to be only young and beautiful to be considered a talent? entertainment industry is such a monstrous machine, seriously

– gotta love internet and youtube in particular 🙂 Such story could have never happened a few years ago

– a lesson to aspiring social media/viral specialists: it happens when there is an authentic story, not just a set-up you want people to follow

– I watched with delight how judges’ faces changed; got it??

– interesting how quickly the audience switched from laughing at to applauding to, from frowns to smiles. Either people can admit their mistakes, or it’s the success that wins the crowd over?..

– it’s never too late to give it a try 🙂