Australian Summer

I remember when I first arrived to Sydney, it was end of February, and by that time summer wasn’t strong, then next summer – my first in Aus – it was all cold and rainy. So I was a bit complaining about the weather, but not anymore.

This summer is turning out to be very hot – in some cities like Adelaide and Melbourne there are heat waves, with power outages, not working public transport, and up to +47(!) temperature. Sydney isn’t too bad, but still one of saturdays it hit +40, even in the evenings it is still very warm, and it feels so good to be in airconditioned environment of the office 🙂

In fact evenings and late afternoons by the sea are the best. when you go out in the evening for dinner, the weather is so pleasant – warm wind, and great to be in light summer clothes in the city lights. Afternoons are even better, when the heat subsides, and water at the beach is so nice, soft (if you go to Coogee or Balmoral), alive with people but not too crowded, and light breeze cooling everyone down.

Finally I get to use the fact that I’m leaving in Sydney, and will definitely this week go to the beach after work – because I can 🙂 Every time I get to the beach, it’s like a vacation without taking the vacation 🙂 being from continental europe, i can’t stop admiring the ocean 🙂