Belarus presentation – for my fellow Australians…

That day made me admire my company even more!

Last Friday, on 20th of April, I had a presentation of Belarus scheduled for one of our company-sponsored Friday Life lunches. I haven’t expected such a great involvement from everyone! My team (of this Friday lunch) not only supported the idea of having the whole lunch Belarus-themed, but they did an awesome invitation, decorated the room, and we even ordered professional catering to cook Russian/Belarusian food!

Now, look at this:

Look at those printed Belarus flags, ribbons of our flag’s colors, snowflakes – girls found a website how to cut them from paper… I was so touched!..

This food – isn’t it great??? Ohh I was SOOOO HAPPY!
Mashed potato “pure”, meatballs “kotlety”, meat pies (well, those were supposed to be dumplings “pelmeni”, but they were bakes instead of boiling, so we’ve got pies, but great nevertheless 🙂 , cabbage salad, even my favorite dressing of sour-cream with tomato sauce!.. You should have seen my excited face, i was just going around that food repeating “It’s so cool, it’s so cool!..”

And people actually liked the food! “Simple but tasty” – yes baby, that our food 🙂 and that was cheap also :))) in comparing to waht we usually get..

Well, the best part of the Belarusian lunch was however a different thing – everyone had to come dressed as Belarusian/Russian style, as it’s freezing or whatever else people think of Belarus. And people did get creative…

Those who did not have fur clothes (most of people actually – why would you have fur in AUS hehe), printed flags and stars and whaever else they fantasy was good for…

The best creative execution award goes to Christian – this is “Belawhere” poster with me on the background, with the text about the origin of the name “Belarus”. THE BEST! I have it now laminated in my room 🙂

From CEO to all departments’ members – people were rocking on 🙂

I was seriously impressed how everyone tried to do something, it’s great to see how people did their best to make my country presentation more fun!

I had a ppt with some nice music – got emotional myself at the last slides, with images of Belarus fading… Applauses I heard were one of most sincere and warm I received 🙂

Some interesting facts: did you know for example:

  • that Belarus ranks the 21st in the world with regards to representation of women in legislative bodies, ahead of Switzerland, UK, Australia, US and many other?..
  • that 1/4 of Belrus population was killed in the II World War, and that 1/5 of the territory is forever damaged by Chernobyl nuclear explosion?..
  • that Belarus as a stae dates back to X century?
  • that Belarusian girl won the Supermodel of the World title in 2005?
  • that Belarus is one of UN founding countries?

and many more interesting things I shared with people at Adshel about Belarus 🙂

we had a quiz about Belarus with 2 best winners awarded with (of course) small bottles of vodka, and dance competition – guys had to perform Kazachok, was interesting to see hehe 🙂

My Friday Life lunch team – me, Rhonda, Lauren

It was a great day – I’ve received so many positive words, it seems people loved the presentation and the whole Belarus-themed lunch!

And what’s even more impressive – when I sent the link to presentation to the office for others who were not at the lunch, people actually went and saw the presentation by themselves, and then came to me and said it was great!!! Gosh, this doesn’t happen even in AIESEC, I have never seen such a positive response to a country presentation! Felt really honored by all this…

Was really much more than I expected, and am so grateful to people at my work for making the day so special with their attention and interest of where I come from…

My company rocks, it rocks because of its people… My internship experience is just the way how it should be 🙂

If you want to know more about Belarus:

  • Wikipedia (is actually the best source – more or less accurate and objective information i think)
  • and you can always talk to me also! 🙂

Belarusian’ly yours and very inspired