Birthday Time!..

Yes, last Saturday was my birthday, and I am proud to say I’m 24 now! (well can’t hide it with public profile anyways, can you?) Younger than some, older than some, and always happy with my current age 🙂

I’m 24, I graduated 2 years ago, I’m working 4th year full time, I was leading one of biggest youth organizations, in Russia and internationally. I lived in Belarus, Russia, Netherlands, Australia; I travelled 24 countries on all continents. I loved, I was heart-broken, I was winning and was failing (however winning more often I believe 🙂 I made many dear friends, I grew, I understood more about life and about myself.

I was, am and will be living one of greatest life experiences.
So grateful for everything that happened in my life. For everyone whom I met on my way.
Life is awesome 🙂


Well if you ask me how was actually my birthday here in Australia – it was great.

It was finally Saturday! So the whole day of doing anything I want…
The weather was perfect, and I had a picnic in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens with some of my friends.

One of highlights was definitely a poetry reading competition. Everyone had to come up with a short poem in their own language, and well, the creativty of some people was great – if you don’t know the real poem, just tell a story about shoes! hehe was soooo funny – oh well, there are a couple of videos, here’s to evidence!..

Marina, Darius, Gabi, Ana, Jem, Su, Sid, me

(well there were only a couple of actual poems – Ana, Chinny, Marina, Gabi – the rest were – hmm – improvisations 🙂

I “lost” voleyball game, and to make my birthday experience great, my friends made me running around the park and shouting “I’m crazy”, “I love Australia”. yeah. lot’s of fun here, right… 🙂

pretty happy crowd and myself actually 🙂

Me and Su (my favorite picture of the day!..)

Me, Su, Jem – our Happy House of 3 (YES, this is how we call our home 🙂

The evening continued with a dinner (yes, I cooked it myself!) with some more people, and then we went – but of course – partying! At 3.30 me, Jem and Su were in Chine town eating peking duck, and at 4.30 we were finishing the night with some more champaigne at home…
Oh yes, that was a great day 🙂

I’ll definitely remember my australian birthday, with the warmest feeling 🙂