Blasts from the past and why I love vthem

I had a great day today. You know these moments, when something unexpectedly good happens, and you just can’t help but smile happily, just because? Well, today was a day like this 🙂

I got a message from a long-lost friend of mine, from those tender early AIESEC years, when everything was just the beginning. Didn’t expect to at all, people from Belarus don’t usually find me on facebook, but was so great to hear from him.

I love such blasts from the past, now probably more than ever – so many things happened in the last 10 years, that sometimes I don’t remember all the good stuff.

And then there is this moment, and you go into your old emails just because this getting in touch made you nostalgic, and you find all these messages and see the younger self, and remember all that was important and dear at the time. And then you find more emails, from more people, and remember even more stories, and feel warm and fuzzy. I do, at least 🙂 Was tough, too, often, but there were many things that inspired, that mattered…

Just feel so grateful for everything that happened, for all the people that were and are a part of my life. Makes me appreciate it all, and want to say thank you to all who hold dear. thank you 🙂