Butterfly effect

This post is utmost inspired by Kristi’s recent post about Butterfly Effect

I guess many of you have seen the movie, it’s about how one small thing can completely change the course of life, course of the universe at a bigger scale as originally put by Ray Bradbury.

Kristi wrote:

The tag line is change one thing, change everything. We all have moments in life when we wish we could change something, we wish we would have done differently. Right a wrong. Correct a mistake. Gain love… In the movie it becomes possible. In real life however, once we lose a chance, it’s gone. A small choice or a decision in an ordinary day could have made a big difference, could have turned your life to a completely different direction. Whether it would be for better or worse, only universe would know, but the fact is lots of special moments in life are lost because we think too much instead of asking, we are too busy being afraid instead of daring, or worse, we often fail to look into other’s eyes and speak our mind and heart.

It’s great reflection, I love it. Very much of what I felt after watching a movie.
However my thinking direction was more on the line “how lucky I’m now for all those little and big choices i made”. I was then in The Netherlands, working in AI and loving the environment, appreciating my opportunities. And I thought – “What if I wake up tomorrow and it all has been just a dream of the parallel world, and I’m an accountant in some small Belarussian town without any perspective etc… How really fortunate I am to be who I am and live how I live!..”

I suddenly became aware and happy for all the steps I did that led me to my experience at that moment.
Even now, look – in what world I, a girl from Belarus, would have a great time working in a cool company in Sydney, half of the world away from home? (as my marketing director put it – all good things you do in life – they come back to you at some point πŸ™‚

However, the opposite of celebrating the right choice is true also.
You never know how it would really be the other way, if you did something differently; may be it all could be even 100 times better? May be you could be a superstar singer if you really listened to your mother demanding you to finish music school?

My take would be that we need to be more aware of our choices, be more conscious about many things we choose to do. And most importantly, we need actually to choose, knowing that this is the best option we are aware of, not just flowing on the current.

Having said that – to think too much about any single thing (will my life change if i go shopping today?) is difficult and actually meaningless too πŸ™‚

How then to understand, what flip of butterfly wing changes your life, and which doesn’t? What is big to decide on, and what is insignificant, isn’t worth of worrying?

To answer I try to learn to trust my intuition more. It actually is right in more cases than I thought. I think our intuition is a reflection of things we know, we feel, but unconsciously. In a way this unconsciousness is a very powerful and influential thing upon our lives.

How many times I thought to myself – “I don’t know why, but I feel that that is the way to go or not to go”. and thinking deeper afterwards, I actually found out why I was thinking that, there were actually reasons and things that formed my feeling of a right/wrong choice.

As Brodie once put – learn to understand and manage your unconscious self, and you’ll learn and manage much more of your life. I’d add – of choices in your life.

At the end of the day – our life is a result of choices we did once, one way or another.