City2Surf – I’m true blue!!!

Last weekend, Sunday 12th August, was one of my coolest so far experiences in Sydney!

The Sun Herald’s City2Surf 2007 – 37th annual city-wide marathon, they say one of biggest runs in the world. Web page is worth checking, seriously

Very much true – this year there were over 60,000 people participating! Imagine that – Sydney’s streets with a crowd of that many people running…Unforgettable!
Check the pictures below, and look at the very end of them – people are everywhere! The biggest event I’ve been a part of!..

City2Surf is a14 km run, going from Hyde Park to Bondi beach, up and down the hill. The weather on the day was great – about +23, sunny and nice; they say for many years it has always been good weather on the marathon day.

The run is often used for charity fundraising; this year teams got more than $900,000 raised! However, the very idea of City2Surf is to get Sydney people together in a community event – and that is truly happening. Families, old and young people, mothers with babies in prams – everyone gets to the streets!

There were 3 starts – for fastest people, according to last year’s results (the winner got in in about 40 min!!); medium – for those who registered sooner; and Soul Back of the Pack (my group, YOHO!!!) – last 20,000 registrants; those that not much run but jug and walk. People get dressed in costumes – fairies, bees, pencils, gorillas, green and blue and red painted people – sydneysiders really have fun with this marathon 🙂

Usually you have to pay about $40 to enter the marathon; but my awesome company Adshel paid for the team; and there was I, at 7.30 (!!!) Sunday morning, registering to run…

I couldn’t believe myself how many people were there, ready to start…How they say – you not only sign in to suffer for some hours of run, but you have to pay for that, which people willing to! true blue aussie spirit – go sporty, have fun, and support a good cause meanwhile.

My category start, the 3rd and the last – and there were we, moving in a speeding up crowd, surrounded by thousands of other people, flooding main streets of the city! (which were of course closed for the run period)

I LOVED IT, ever minute!!!
The day was great, the spirit was high, and the challenge was reasonable 🙂

There were bands playing along the way;

There were stands with free water and gatorade supply, messages of support posted all along the way, regular people living on the road that was run, giving water also, and giving suncreen to all those in need;
other kind citizens spraying passing by runners from their garden hoses – which came very handy when getting up the hill in the morning sun 🙂 people were having parties on the road, cheering to crowds jogging by.

Such a great spirit, laughter and chatting everywhere, but with many runners determined to make it on whatever the goal they put for themselves.

My favorite picture of the run, kind of ‘You Can Do It’ type: an old man (he was slow but determined; may be in his 70s); years when he run the marathon on the shirt, and this written in the middle: ‘push me to start me’ hehehe, so cool 🙂

I have decided to run those 14 km in under 2 hours, and i did just about that; 122.42 min
Try this link to see a video of me crossing the line
However the mistake was that i didn’t practice at all for the run, and now my body pays for that; I feel now muscles I didn’t know I have 🙂

It feels good however – my very authentic aussie experience, I was there, I made it!
Great initiative, great time, great country that is.
City2Surf 2007, I’m yours forever!