It’s not the same now – to write about Dahab as I’d have written a week ago.
Bombings last days brought a different feeling. No, not a fear, even though it was the most personal touch of a terror for me – the restaurant I’ve visited was destroyed, the bridge, the street I walked… Even if it’s horrible to feel it as close – it still has been a couple of weeks of time between me and that.

The changed feeling of Dahab for me is the feeling of uneasiness. Of being powerless, as you don’t know about any place, if it’s safe or not. And you can’t do anything, you don’t understand, and you don’t want to belong to the fear. And even the anger doesn’t mean much, unless you enter security corps and fight it (it is it, it is not even they). We can prevent that future generations, some particluar people around us don’t step onto that way, but what is the cure for those who are already on the way of the war?

And so I choose another way. If my anger is powerless, I choose to be peaceful. There is no way that terror is going to influence the way I see the world, and it can’t make me fear everything around me. I don’t accept it, and I keep going.

Let my good memories of Dahab, good memories of other people be stronger than images of destruction. The place will be rebuilt and alive again.

Take care, Dahab, I remember you 🙂