Deep blue confession

Deep blue confession

There is some magic in the water of Sydney harbour. My stomach tightens happily every time I glimpse the ocean from the top of the hilly road; and I can spend literally hours sitting atop the beach looking into the blue waves disappearing into the horizon.

May be it the way the endless ocean hugs the sky all the way far away; or how its dark blueness of the deep water becomes bright blue and almost green close to the beach, and turns transparent and white when it hits the sand and the rocks.

Or perhaps it’s the way the sun shines on the top of the rolling waves, and how the water is so clear I can see the sandy bottom through the sunny shimmers. Or the soothing sound of the waves lapping the coast and the songs of seagulls transporting me into another universe, where the nature is the beginning and the end of all.

I love the fact that I can live in a city and yet take my time out with nature only 20min away from my inner city apartment. You know how they say – you are either a mountains person, or the sea person. I grew up in a place we didn’t have either, just the forest and plains. And while I am in awe with the magnificence of mountain ranges, the ocean is another thing entirely. Soft but also furious, nurturing and destroying at the same time; but most importantly it feels alive, in constant movement and yet fundamentally the same for millennia. We can live without the mountains; we cannot survive without the oceans…

I love the water; the intense blues of the coast make me intensely happy – every time –  I’m definitely an ocean girl now. Sydney’s ocean girl, at that…