Dumb Ways to Die? It’s Too Good

I cannot believe I haven’t seen it before. It’s now officially my 3rd favourite piece of advertising (after this at #1 and this at #2). I’m even considering getting a ringtone – yes, that bad! All of that, I hear you say, for  a Melbourne Trains safety announcement?

Well, watch below and tell me you are not humming it.

This ad is a proof that music has a great power to connect; the tune of this clip is up there in the golden pantheon of the best ad jingles of all time for me. We need to bring it back in marketing; the music will catch on something that visuals and words cannot; and it will stay in your head and will pop up unexpectedly. The sounds has a deep connection to our emotions that other forms of content don’t. All I want to do now on hearing “Dumb Ways to Die” is go jump up and down and do the double wave 🙂

This ad became the most shared public service announcement ever, and was the first Australia ad to make it into TED’s Top 10 Ads worth spreading – which in my book is the best of all endorsement. It was censored in Russia (I wonder of the censor was drunk), has risen to 6th most popular song on iTunes charts for a time, and became the most viral Australia’s YouTube video.

Clever creative lyrics + music by the Cat Empire’s keyboardist + a local melbourne artist singing + freelancer animating = one of those pieces of marketing work that I can flog as a shining beacon of my profession (more backstory of the success).

Gotta go get that ringtone now.
And remember about train safety, people.