Egypt: Dahab time

So, why Dahab was a cool part of our Egypt travel?

1. It is a relaxed city, city of simple and good leisure. It has everything you need for a good, just-do-what-you-want rest. We walked along boulevard on the edge of the sea, with dozens of cafes and restaurants, each of them having a front-man, promising you everything you want in his place πŸ™‚ We lied on the cushions, smoking shisha, and talking for hours. We had breakfast on the roof of the cafΓ©, with breeze blowing from the sea across us. We bought necklaces from a Bedouin woman once in the morning. We went to an Aussie party to a club (where smoked shisha again and where only Tom and a couple of songs were Australian πŸ™‚

2. Food! Food is so good there πŸ™‚

The first dinner we ate in the street restaurant, with literally mountains of different seafood that our gentlemen negotiated. Continued with many possible variations of meet (which I requested almost every time we had meals πŸ™‚ We (me and Geta) discovered sahleb, which is a wonderful hot drink made of milk, sugar, coconut, nuts and some other awesome things and is best on a chilly evening. Egypt in general is not as good in desserts (at least for my taste), but sahleb brings it up πŸ™‚

3. Active rest – oh we did it 150%!!! I loved it, let me describe.
We did quad biking! Basically it is when you go on 4 weels bikes to the desert, which was mountains and sand dunes around Dahab. It was the first time in my life when I drove an motor vehicle!!! I had an instructor, but drove myself later (and often tried to go faster than I should and than I could manage, so I was slowed down all the time πŸ™‚

We drove through mountains, and it was my first real time in mountains!!! We stopped in a former bedouin place, and I run, run to the pick of a small cliff, to see more of mountains. No need of words πŸ™‚

On the way out of the mountains – it was such a feeling of craziness and happiness and excitement that I wanted to laugh and scream loud. Imagine a picture of a blond first-time quad-bike driver silly smiling to everything around – you’d wonder what’s the matter :)))
And the matter was – imagine, you drive, fast, on a road, between bottoms of mountains, and it’s no sound except yours and 4 other people. And it’s sun, wind, and then mountains open, and you see a cake of a blue-blue sky, of the shining in the waves sea, and it’s yours, and you ride towards everything, and you have much more ahead!!!
It’s like you find inside more unleashed energy you’d expect of yourself. And it feels good πŸ™‚

4. SNORKELING! Oh, that was the highlight of the Red Sea.
There is a coral reef just in Dahab water, and we went there, as it was no time to go to Blue Hole (which is one of most famous of not the most, snorkeling-diving places on the Red Sea).
I was filled with excitement – it was my first snorkeling experience, too πŸ™‚
After several manipulations with my mask and instructions from Tom I looked through the glass into the water, and even if it was a sandy wave, slowly getting deeper, with almost empty water, it has already promised a wonderful experience. And so it came. We slowly floated to the reef, passed some groups of divers, disappearing on the bottom, and then, then… I saw a rising mass in front of me, and it was another world.
Purple, yellow, white, pink, green, blue stone flowers of corals, rainbow painted fish, swimming around, so close, and so gorgeous! It was one of most beautiful things I saw in my life; it was different; it was the whole small world under a couple of meters of water. I was so amazed, that I wanted to scream, but then remembered that it’s not the best occasino till my lungs with water πŸ™‚
It was so real, and I was a part of it: slowly moving, I saw that fish is not afraid of me; many of them swam around, and 2 big, colorful and flat fish were floating with me. It was sunny down there, no waves, and clean water seemed like this world’s thick air.

I loved the edge of the reef most. You can see there the hole: flatter surface of the reef, close to the top; the down-side of the coral hill, where most of fish lives; and a sand bottom, disappearing further forward and down in deepening blue – which gave even more wonder and reality to that piece of coral reef.

I walked from the water to the beach with a big smile on my face πŸ™‚
I know I’ll do snorkeling again! It was so-so-so nice…

And then we left Dahab, moving back to Basata for another day.

Looking through the car window at the white hotel buildings, many construction sites, Laguna, surrounding the city mountains of Dahab, I felt so satisfied, so full with good emotions. We took much of what that place could give us, and I think there is much more and for everyone πŸ™‚
They were great days in Dahab.

To be continued