The city where the conference was held, is Florianopolis, resort city to the south of Brazil. It’s an island, leaning towards Atlantic ocean, with lots of beaches, nice nature places, all done for people to enjoy their time in the city. Brazilians call it homely Floripa.

We flew there on Sunday morning, and of course were immediatley, after checking in the hotel, taken to the beach!!! As it’s easily noticeable, at the beginning of my Brazilian I’m quite white 🙂

We (me and Volodya, AI alumni and ECOLEAD manager, who attended conference as well) were lucky to have Pablo Handl there, who was in AI in 2002-2003. Our family mafia/AI alumni takes care about each other 🙂

Nature is simply amazing in Floripa! No need to describe, just see:

On Friday, last day in Floripa, I was already by myself, as Volodya and Pablo left. I went to Lagoa, it is kind of closed ocean water near the seaside. I took a boat around it – it was funny to be there, packed with brazilian women and couple of guys, children and elders, going back from waterfalls and small beach. You don’t understand words, but you see emotions, hear how people laugh, and you laugh with them. All these women are the same bla-bla-bla mommies as we see them in Brazilian soap operas 🙂 but filled with much more life and natural. Actually pretty similar to our tetki at home 🙂

I was at the famous beach Praya Mole (Praya menas beach in Portugese), where theoretically all modern yooung people should go. But I didn’t like it; it’s a surfing beach, and actually it’s impossible to have normal sun bath – sand flows on your body constantly and I don’t know how those girls manage to flirt unless they sit cafes, but waht is the meaning of going to the beach then? Or may be I was just too demanding form that beach as for me it should be always nice small waves, so that you can lie on the water line peacefully… Probably for people from that places its nothing special and they enjoy just chatting for fun at the beach.
But it was nice anyways, as it was ocean and hills and beach 🙂

Floripa is a really nice city. Sometimes it was very familiar to our home towns, with dozens of block-flat houses along the streets.
However the line of the city center, with palm trees along the road and ocean just 10 metres away, justified it all 🙂

We were in a nice restaurant, in a small fishers village outside of city – just picture evening, lights of the city far away with reflections in the water of the bay, Brazilian music playing, nice food and peace of Sunday evening… It was just beautiful


Can you imagine pizza with strawberry, or brokkoli and carrots? Or with ice-cream or chocolate? They HAVE it and EAT it in Brazil! and so did I 🙂

This was the first time when I was on a real resort, having my vacations! (as together with the conference our working days in 2005 finished and we got a break till Jan 3). It was Sri Lanka as well, but there I didn’t have time to go to beaches beacuse of IPM.
I took it all in Floripa 🙂

Another very different thing is to observe Christmas time in Brazil. For me Christmas/New Year time has alwayes been associated with snow, new-year tree, mandarins and fireworks. Well, in Brazil palm-trees and sand on beaches replace the first two 🙂
Can you imagine such a picture: sunny, hot midday, green plants and bright flowers are around… and toys of Santa-Claus are hanging from the tree!!! As if they were panished for being in the wrong place in the wrong time 🙂

Crazy for me but cute. Anyways it’s so amazing when you that so different realities believe in and are united by the same thing! Christmas is Christmas, doesn’t matter, Europe or Brazil…

On the day I was leaving, I got into THE RAIN. All previous times when I thought I had some stromg rain, were completely nothing in comparing with this one. It was 500 metres for me to go from the bus station to the hotel, it was starting to rain a bit. And in 10 metres of crossing the road and 20 seconds it was the tropical rain! I was the only one running along the road as I had to get to the airport, and imagine me, looking as I had 10 backets of water out on me when I entered the hall 🙂
I actually enjoy walking in ponds after the strong rain, and it was warm anyways. Of course I liked it 🙂 It was like a blessing to a tourist and the last good bye of the city for me…

Last memories I have from Floripa is airport service people giving away umbrellas to passengers as the airport is too small to have buses to planes, you just walk. And the last thing you see are the mountaines and beaches of the island fading away in the rain and in the hight…

Floripa, its beaches, sun, food, smiley people left very good emotions for me. It’s now a memory of mine…