Friends are forever?..

I have friends I shared my life with – we lived, worked together; with them I’ll feel ever close, doesn’t matter how much time we are apart. I’ll come for their weddings in any part of the world even on my last money πŸ™‚ And will be always as if our last conversation was just a day ago…

And I have other friends that I met once or several times and felt connected, became comfortable and close. Learned, felt strong emotions and have great memories.
But then a moment comes, when a common for us thing (study, job, AIESEC, whatever), that brought us together and made friends, isn’t there anymore. And then what happens with our friendship?..

We see each other once in a couple of years, and write emails (and I’m terrible with writing emails!) But we don’t’ have the chance to really spend time and LIVE our friendship.

Sometimes I meet those friends that were so important to me – we exchange news, talk about life, go around. And the worst feeling is when I don’t know what to talk about with my dear people… Because we don’t have common life anymore, our interests have changed.

I was very sad when I realized for the first time, that dynamic of friendship changes. But there was one wise friend of mine who told me: “Well that’s probably just the flow of life – people come and people go, because the life changes and we change, we value different things. And often people, who were not with us when we were changing, are not able to be as close as before. It’s not bad, it just happens. There will be new friends, and there will be a good memory of old times”.

Having accepted that, I grew again a bit older…

However I believe we need to keep relations if we feel that some people are important to us. The heart usually tells, and if you don’t want to let your friendship go – don’t!

I think friendship requires working on it – as any valuable thing in life. Give and you’ll be given. We can include our old friends in our new life, ask about what is happening in their life, and find again those common points. May be the simplest of all – just write more! And call with no reason, just to say hi and smile in the phone receiver πŸ™‚

Here is a wonderful poem about friends
, one of best I’ve read: “Tree of the Friends

At the end – doesn’t matter what happens with people who are your friends, do they remain in your life or go – everyone got once a part of your heart, and the smallest thing you can do for once dear to you people – is to keep a good memory of them.

p.s. I realized now this post was an address to myself… I’m guilty in how I keep even important for me relationships; well in realizing lies the first step to the change!