How do you see the world?

This is so brilliant that I want to know a lot more about Yanko Tsvetkov. His stereotypcal maps of the world are entertaining, enlightening and provocative at the same time. You need to know a bit of your history, geography and politics to fully appreciate it, but how The Guardian says,  “No matter where you’re from, you should be able to find something here to offend you.” (I hope though you won’t be – I am convinced a bit of self-irony didn’t hurt anyone)


There are some obvious representations, but Europe according to Luxemborg and Vatican had me laughing out loud. Europe of the future and world dictatorships according to USA are also worth a special mention.

These maps a truly a gem of visual work and product of a clever mind. A proof that it’s all a matter or perspective really. So see the maps, let yourself smile, cringe – and ponder.