i’m jealous

in a good way.

Reading 3 different blogs of my friends around the world has sparked my thinking about what’s my inspiration in life.

One friend is married and much in love, living in Poland, waiting for the baby to be born. He works as an entrepreneur in a firm of his dad, making it an inspiring place. He travels around his own country, volunteers with an NGO, writes a blog about wine tasting and plays electric guitar with his brother as a a hobby (has evolved from a beginner’s playing that I used to hear! 🙂 Mike

Another friend is a journalist of Australian origin, just moved to Abu-Dhabi from Cairo, was headhunted to be a journalist in a new regional middle-east regional newspaper. Brilliant writer, observer, loves and makes great food, Apple fan, a bit of a geeky internet user, articulates his thoughts so uniquely…Tom.

The third friend is Brazilian, recently returned home from Australia. Joined sustainability team at a bank, is a very inspiring traveller, sustainability/life thinker. Challenges herself with travels, work, marathons. Reads books and watches videos, the kind that makes me feel an uneducated lazy kid 🙂 Inspiration for nearly everyone who know her, highly intelligent and searching for meaning, self-confident, great friend. Gabi.

So I’m reading their updates, and thinking – i’m in a good way jealous. For the sense of direction I don’t yet have myself, for talent, for desire to learn, for being in the right place at the right time.

And I’m catching myself on a thought – so cool i have such great friends as these 3 people… And there are more great stories of my friends out there, so many of them being best benchmarks and inspiration.

I’ll keep watching and reading and thinking 🙂