Kindness and trust in real life

There are these events, that in a moment’s interaction change the dynamic of your day, transforming it from a gloomy rainy Monday into a wonderful beginning of the week.

Unexpected and simple, this little story made my day.

I was walking home in my neighbourhood after work, and stopped at a local café to get an empanada to go. Ordered one, and then realized I forgot my wallet at home, so had to apologise and refuse. And you know what the cafe lady did?  She still gave me my empanada, smiled and said I can pay next time.

In our day and age! There is still a place for kindness of strangers. There are still people who put their best forward and trust others first, without conditions, paying it forward. If you ever lose faith in human connection (or in niceness of people in big cities), here’s your story to inspire. And a proof, that my neighbourhood of Glebe is an awesome place where people are still genuinely nice.

Viva local communities.

And thank you, café lady. I’ll be back with my money tomorrow 🙂