My Earth Hour Story

I’ve participated in Earth Hour since it’s beginning in Sydney in 2007, and this year I was lucky & active enough to get involved more than usual. I think it’s such a simple yet powerful idea, and it’s amazing how a team’s simple thought to increase awareness about climate change has become a global movement. Here’s my 2009 Earth Hour story:

1. With the help of several people from my company Adshel I’ve managed to organise a national media campaign pro-bono, which was pretty cool. We’ve also run an internal competition for the best version of the Earth Hour posters, even IT and financial departments got involved 🙂 It was great how everyone got on board. More info HERE and HERE

2. I distributed a few Earth Hour cards at my apartment block, and my friends got their share too:

3. I wore the EH t-shirt and answered questions of people in the shops and on the streets about the event

4. During Earth Hour itself I participated in the EH themed treasure hunt at Circular Quay, which involved jumping into the water taxi without support exactly in the moment when the harbour went dark for Earth Hour; convincing bus drivers to let us sit in the driver’s seat; hunting policemen to take a picture of; etc etc etc. Lots of fun 🙂 MORE PICTURES

Our team – room #6 (palata nomer shest 🙂

Opera House during Earth Hour

5. and I’ve blogged, twittered, flickered 🙂

I think Earth Hour is a great example of how a modern campaign and movement spreads – via social networks, people, talks, videos, it’s web 2.0 initiatives it its best. Everyone can do, entry cost is zero, effort is minimal and its fun!

Here’s to Earth Hour, let’s hope its message is heard when it’s needed – in Copenhagen this year.