My work

I’m a marketing professional 9-to-5, and an aspiring writer, photographer and explorer in other times.


Online projects

The most important is the Eco B&B Belovezha I’m helping my parents run in Belarus. It’s a little rustic country house deep in the national park in Western Belarus. Self-contained, B&B or camping accommodation, slowly picking up bussines. Mostly Russia-focused. You could say I’m the strategist, designer and marketing director for that one!

 90 Days in Buenos Aires

This is the project I’m most proud of. It started as an experiment on my career break in Argentina, to see if I can write every day, and generally to practice my copywriting and to try out Tumblr as a blogging platform. But unexpectedly, it grew into an online story of my amazing time in Buenos Aires. Locals started sending me suggestions of places to see and write about, complete strangers sending messages of appreciation and thanks for writing and inspiring them. It was the most gratifying and joyous experience, and it inspired me to continue writing online.

SYDNEY. The Hipsta Edition.

Another little project I have on the side is the Sydney photo blog. I love Sydney, I love photography, I love Hipstamatic – and this project brings all three of them together.


I love photography, and have a large collection of mostly travel photos on Flickr. Some photos occasionally get published through online projects, from my Barossa photos being used by a UK agency to promote Australia, to a children’s book publisher using my christmas tree photo in a story. Exciting stuff. And of course, all photos used on this blog are my own.

Sometimes I also moonlight as a portrait photographer for my friends.
Here’s one published in Canada

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