Now London!

So my journey continues – I spent first week-end of December in London. The meeting I went to was on Monday, so we (2 more people from AI went to London) decided to come to the city on saturday to sepend some time around. And so we did!
Waterloo, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Thames, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar square, Picadilly, Westminster, 2-level buses, Hyde park… All those names that were pictures and just names that I learned at English lessons at school, now became my memory!!! I couldn’t stop smiling, passing all those famous places, like a feeling of a child whose dream came true finally – and it was like this.

I will not describe the route – I went to all major places people usually go when they are first time in London. Better what I remeber the most…
Leicester square – all those caruselles, that i didn’t try for I don’t know how much time already 🙂 It was so good to feel myself as 10 years old again, screaming and laughing, with lights around, cotton candy, people, music… wonderful evening.

Starbucks! Oh, I loved it. “Only once a year” gingerbread latte was my drink of the week-end 🙂 Famous chain of coffee-houses – tickked!

And next day – full-time tourist walk around the city.
Beiker-street! Good morning, sir Sherlok Holms :)

Then I headed towards Thames river: London eye, an observation circle or how it’s called – really cool, however I didn’t go to it, there were crowdes of people around, it’s unbelievable how many many people are in London!!! Even in Moscow we have so many only at bigger holidays. Indeed London is full of life and movement.
And it was Dali exibition at the gallery – my favourite melting clocks 🙂

And the bankment itself is really nice, I could spend hours just watching people and river.
Big Ben… It’s even better than I imagined 🙂 And it was even a statue of Richard the lion heart near House of Parliament.
It was interesting – I stepped off usual tourist route and took just a couple of streets deeper – and London shown different face to me, peacful streets that look exactly as I was thinking about old city of London:

Further and further – I pass Buckhingam palace, St.James park, walk along Picadilly. Only when I passed it I realized it was Picadilly 🙂 I though that the square is much bigger, but it was just a crossroad, however very lively at any time of the day. “I went along Picadilly..” Laima Vaikule 🙂 (for those not ffrom my country – it was a song of a very famous singer where she mentioned about Picadilly that I was singing to myself walking along 🙂

I think one of places I loved the most was Hyde park. It’s HUGE, very nice, peaceful. London has surprisingly lots of parks and green places. I’d spend for sure my week-ends at least partly every time in parks. And could you believe, still yellow leaves on mapple trees??? In December! For my russian mind it is September weather 🙂

Other flash memories:

My other favourite places were along Thames river: view on house of Parliament and Big Ben; walk between Millenium bridge and Tower bridge. Really nice buildings, narrow streets, where you feel yourself really somewhere between past and present of London.

I enjoyed sitting in the evening on the bank of Thames, looking at Westminster views in front of me, music playing behind, city lights everywhere around…

London tube (metro)
– really tube, small and tieny trains, long walkwyas (once we took 193-steps stairs, as lift was blocked – how that can be an emergency exit?).
So familiar from Moscow and even more, tons of advertisings in the tube, streets.

Oxford street – shopping paradise they say. It is indeed I think, stores of everything you want. Howver I started to understand why many people don’t like Christmas shopping – it’s just crazy, people are everywhere and buy everything, you don’t have time to normally look at things, pick up and buy – otherwise someone else will do it fast! another big city experience 🙂

China Town. It was interesting to see how one national community can be so strong in the other country. You step into Soho streets, and you are taken by Chineese everything – shops, cafes, restorants. And you are lost – are you in english-alized China or in China-lized London?

And again – I really liked London parks 🙂 Imagine: sitting on a bench, sun is getting down somewhere between trees, ducks are playing in the canal in front of you, kids laughing, yellow and red trees, music far away… Peaceful part of London evening and peace inside.

Taxis – they have fancy old cars to drive in London, as VW of 30th probably 🙂

Cafe – London has hundreds of them! I understood that I’m a lot a person of inside-city: I like going to different places, discover cafes, feel atmosphere of people chatting, looking at them – I think it is in our habits and usual things we do, as eating, listening to music and talking, we get to know what are other people about.
For that London with its numerous places to go to is the perfect place to be 🙂

I have many other smaller things i remember about London, that stay somewere in other part of my memory – making me want to come to this city again for more than 3 days and not only see, but LIVE it. One day, probably