Old Emails

To find an email of a guy I used to work with in Minsk, I decided to search through my old emails in yahoo (my first email!). And I discovered my Pandora box, but a good one 🙂

It’s a mailbox of happiness.
I started reading through emails of people that were dear to me at the time, emails written at different times of my early growing up life, when I was discovering myself and my friends. People I have not remembered about but who meant so much to me at the time, words of encouragement that kept me going even in toughest of time, sad and happy news, it’s all there.

It’s like a dive to the past: 2000 – 2003, everything was so different back then…

I’m very reflective now, and very happy.
I need to keep in touch, I have so many great people in my life.