Once in New York

It seems I’m pretty lucky with my travels this year πŸ™‚ NEW YORK was my next destination, for some India and US alumni meetings. I spent there 6 days in total, 10-15 March. Luckily, a couple of days over the week-end were free, so of course I took my time for the express ride around the city.

Times Square: the heart-beats of the city, people, cars, sounds, huuuge billboards, everything. In general New York is the place where one can find nearly everything, and Times Square and around is one of those places. Cool places πŸ™‚

Rockfeller center: a beautiful view on the city, you turn around and see the city around. Statue of Liberty seems too dolly from there πŸ™‚

Guggenheim museum
: I saw it before only on pictures from my 3D book; and then I was there myself! The museum is pretty small, and is being reconstructed from outside. However is cool, white and spiral from inside

Central Park
… It was raining a bit, but the sky was light, and it was so peaceful – unexpectedly in the center of New York. I can imagine it’s the best place in the city in summer.

I walked along, went to the bookstore – as usually, stumbled upon endless rows of books, wishing to have time to check all of them (not that I’m so passionate about english language literature – the thing is that when you don’t know it, it’s hard to understand which book is a good one, and which is a trash). Bought at the end a book called The Nanny Diaries – a Manhattan story of a rich family growing a child. I rarely buy “clever books” – development stuff, strategy, world change etc, usually take them from other people. However not often too, as find hard to myself to concentrate on what others think life is or should be. I like talking it with people, but reading itself for me should be a theme-based, with people’s emotions and feelings behind. At the end of the day we learn more from feelings – our own of others’ rather than from logical conclusions. Anyways, off-topic of reading πŸ™‚

We were having dinner in a house that one Indian couple got a couple of years ago, the house was of Eleanor Roosevelt. Power time, in the center of new York, with all that history around. Classy – I wonder how it is to live there. However people get used to everything. Roosevelt’s house is not the worst thing to get used to πŸ™‚

East Village – a district of New York I lived those days in. The first feeling when I looked in the first morning outside – it was sunny and warm – was “Oh my god, New York is a city as others!” In a good sense – morning sun, warmth and sounds of a living area, with children playing, are so familiar and make you smile, when you realize that life is life, in any part of the world it takes its place. It is the same spring as in Moscow, with wet and getting dry ground, and a feeling of a waking up after winter city. It’s human, nice, I could live there! I was just smiling, looking outside and imaging my day ahead πŸ™‚

Statue of Liberty. The first time I saw it, was at sunset at the bay of New York. It was fading in darkness, and was somehow so far and still unreal. But you know it’s there πŸ™‚ Next day I went to the statue by boat, first by a ferry that just passes by, and then with a special tourist boat (nothing to be ashamed of, I was a tourist indeed there :). I sooo wanted to make sure I am satisfied that I was there, at world-known symbol of freedom. Well, I could write now – I WAS THERE. Thought somehow that Liberty would be bigger and more impressive – may be all crowds of other tourists around diminished it. Anyways it of course worth it!

Ground Zero – place of twin towers, the ground of World Trade Center that disappeared on 9/11. Strong feelings come, when you read people’s words on walls around, when you look and see damaged pieces of constructions still seen on the ground… And metal cross on the edge of what used to be the background of the tower…
Read the story, minute by minute. It should never, never happen again. There are better things that should be happening instead.

Wall-street, New York Stock Exchange. It is one of most powerful districts in the country, in the world – of places where the money is the power, or we think and agree that it is. Which is almost everywhere. Gray and yellow walls – power walls, however you don’t feel it straight away, you make yourself feeling it, getting into the rush of post-office hours when supermen are going home.

Hard Rock cafΓ© – touristy, made to make money, but still a nice place to be. Music is cool, it is my style of music! Robbie Williams, Beatles, Bruce Springsteen etc. The first cafΓ© from where everything of those Rock cafΓ© started, should have been a great place. And yes, I bought a souvenir t-shirt from there πŸ™‚

Broadway, musical, CHICAGO!!! It was great, great-great-great! I realized I like musicals (at least as dynamic as Chicago is) most of all theatre performances (plays, operas, ballets). Musical got bets parts of all of them πŸ™‚ Music, singing, playing, living. Actors danced, sang, played greatly. Definitely Broadways shows is the thing to spend your money on while you are in New York. It is so much of what is this city about πŸ™‚ Energy, dynamism, drama, fun. Life and everything, all in NYC, delivered!

Huuuuuge toys store, Toys R Us, on Times Square. Heaven for children and all associated with them πŸ™‚ Liberty from Lego, thousands of teddy bears, all small and big cars and more, more, more – several stores of children happiness. I found mine as well – Barbie house with dozens of dolls models there! The dream of childhood came true, to visit Barbie’s world πŸ™‚

SoHo (from South Houston), fashion and art district of New York. Looks actually pretty old and below average, until you start noticing windows of world known designer brands around – YSL, Gucci, Cartier etc. Mine was the Mac-Apple store, where I got mine iPod Shuffle!!! Perfectly white and light, now my music will be with me, viva!

Walked in the center, tried to go shopping in Macy’s, “the biggest department store” as they call it – but failed, prices are too high for my wallet. New York is New York! I passed by Madison Square Garden, visited Brooklyn Bridge, went once again to Times Square – and so its was, the end of my time in New York!

When my shuttle to the airport was passing by Manhattan for the last time, I was smiling – sunny day, I got cool meetings on my work, I was in New York! The city was definitely worth coming there. Hello, America! Hello and good bye, New York – great city, Big Apple, big city, Great Apple πŸ™‚ It is cool indeed, different and the same, dirty and business, nice and busy, indifferent and motivating. The city where you can be all and nothing – New York city.

And I was going home, to Netherlands – I really felt, after New York, that this low-land feels like home to me πŸ™‚ Goede morgen, Rotterdam!