thinking recently

several thoughts, in no particular order, that occupied my mind recently

I’ve just finished a book, The Kite Runner – one of most powerful and moving books I’ve ever read. I could even sleep one night, after getting through the first third of the book, co-living those emotions. The book is about life of a family in Afghanistan, starting in 1970s and finishing in 2002. This is how I best take in the history and point of views – not through publicists’ articles but through stories of people.
The thought is going through my mind after reading this book, which is about dramatic life of an Afghani boy – I’m so lucky, among may be several percent of the world’s population. I was never starving (even there were times when the food was basic, oh those 1990s in post-USSR), I was living in a safe place (Belarus isn’t the most exciting place but it’s safe), i haven’t had major tragedies around me. I have never experienced war, I have higher education, my parents are great support and I even have never even heard them swearing (but did my father keep the discipline, yes he did 🙂 I can travel, don’t have liabilities, not abused and I am not discriminated (if you don’t count visa processes).
How much depends on the place you are born in, your skin colour, your sex, your parents. All the things you don’t have control of…

I was thinking to write recently a blog post, about inspiration at my work. It is even saved as a draft in the blog. It was about how great my work is – I work in marketing communications, managing projects with suppliers and internal stakeholders, working with creative agencies. I design stands and invitations, release corporate brochures and multimedia promotions, manage online space of my company. I put together presentations and strategies and post-implementation reports (yes, i actually enjoy it 🙂 I go to cultural events because my company sponsors many arts organizations and I manage events & promotions.
But then, when I was about to write that – my manager (great person, one of best and most positive people I’ve ever met) said she is going to the UK with her partner and is leaving. And later, when the new manager started, my boss, marketing director, announced he is also going to Europe with his partner and would be leaving in several months.
It made me very sad – the environment I enjoyed at work was one of main reasons I decided to stay with the company. It’s like my family – I associate my life in Australia with my marketing team, as they were the people I spent most of my day (working 8hrs), and it’s a good part of the day. So seeing them go is like seeing my life here changing to be something different… (which is philosophically isn’t a bad thing). But fair enough, the main reason I stayed with the company is the experience I’m getting there – the new job role is great and gets me towards where I want to go in my marketing career, I’ll be working on very exciting (and challenging, which is always good) projects.
And with the changing team, changing role – it’s indeed a new start. It’s a more mature attitude towards the job, when I want to develop particular skills while still being passionate about what I do, it’s about getting out of the comfort zone to be a better professional and, well, person. Just need to keep this all in mind while getting my teeth into the business of tasks to do 🙂

I’m so lucky to live in Australia, this country rocks. It’s not only well and has high living standards. It’s safe, I feel more so than Europe; people are friendly – a surfer on the beach helped us to put a kayak on top of the car easily mastering the knots; when someone exits the lift you are entering, and your eyes cross – the person would usually smile. Australians are not only well-mannered (mostly) but are humourous (oh, famous Australian humor!), welcoming and enjoy their life and usually let others do the same (I found Europeans colder and more pessimistic – oh opposite chaotic if you think south of Europe 🙂
And the place itself – there is everything here, mountains with snow and beaches with great water and sand; palm trees and pines. In one day, you can go from the seaside into the wine hills. Sun is out most of days, the sky is blue, and it’s great climate.
And Sydney… I travel across the bridge to work every day, and still can’t get enough of the beautiful Sydney Harbour. There is something magical in those glowing with lights skyscrapers of city centre reflecting in the harbour waters. Sandstone historical buildings (well, architectural history goes like 100 years back at most), modern building, futuristic and classic street sculptures. Busy crossroads and parks, and quite alleyways. Music festivals and open air cinemas, endless cafes and restaurants, and great food. There is something for everyone here, and I must say, Sydney came the closest to my favorite place of all the cities I’ve been to.