Three favourite ad campaigns celebrating strong women

Three favourite ad campaigns celebrating strong women

We’ve doing a lot of great work lately at my company featuring female rising movement and celebrating real women in real life. Reading and seeing all the great images and videos inspired me to collect my own “Top 3 campaigns” – all examples of great marketing making a positive impact in how we see the world (and women in this world).

#3  The Born Friends Family Portrait by Skype

It’s not your typical princess behaviour; the girls with a disability, living a life, connecting and overcoming obstacles. Strength comes in many forms and shapes, and this is one of the most touching ones.

(and oh so on brand by Skype)

#2 Thank you, Mom by P&G

“For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger.” You might say it’s stereotyping women in their set roles, but these moms give courage to their kids by being role-models. Seeing someone you love fail, and help them do it again and again, is the special superpower of moms. Great job by P&G also in tying their major event sponsorship in a way that works so well with their brand.

(Their London 2012 ad is also worth watching, storytelling with emotion at its best. It made me tear up at a client meeting)

#1 Celebrating the Heroic Women of 2013 by Microsoft

This is simply excellent. A rare example when a brand’s work is inspiring in its own right. This video celebrates women around the globe, of different ages and life circumstances, famous and not, finding the heroic all around us. Strength is not an entitlement, it’s what you decide to do with the circumstances in your life. I have a feeling this one will be my go-to example of great advertising for a long time. Bravo, women, and bravo, Microsoft.