Today evening

Dream, smile, try.
Make mistakes, learn and try again. Explore unknown and celebrate small things on the way. Fall in love, laugh, cry, say what you feel, ask questions.
This is about life.

Enjoy a small flower in autumn, feel the wind on your skin, smile to the sky and to someone who is passing by.
To be able to live every single moment of it, enjoy when it comes to you and work on achieveing what you really believe in.
There are so many ways to describe what is life – and this is one of them. Everyone of us will have it differently – and this is the beauty, that we can think different thoughts and still understand and learn from each other. There are millions of things to be discovered, understood and lived. All we need is a courage and belief in ourselves that we can be more than we are.

I’m sitting now in my room in Rotterdam, listening to the evening bell of a city hall tower and to my favorite music , thinking about how lucky I am. Because of experiences I had, because of thoughts I think, because of people I met. Because of all future things that will happen on my way.
To live, live, LIVE!

This is one of those moments of happiness – to all of you, my dears 🙂