Tree of the friends

There are people in our lives that leave us happy
Just because of the fact that they have crossed our way.
Some of them remain beside us
Looking many moons passing through
But others just pass between one step and another

We call all of them friends
But there are many kind of friends.
May be each leaf of a tree charaterizes each of them.
We get to know the entire family of leaves,
Whom we respect and wish the best,
But destiny shows us other friends
That we didn’t know
Would cross our way.

Many of them we call best friends
Friends of heart
They are sincere and truthful
They know when we are not alright
And what makes us happy
But there are also frinds for a while
May be in holidays, in a day or in a given hour
Those friends put many smiles on our face
During the time we were together

We cannot forget distance friends
Those who stay in the tips of the twigs
But every time that wind blows
They appear again
Between one lead and another
Time goes on, simmer is gone
Autumn is coming
And we lose some of our leaves
Some will be born next summer
And others will remain for many seasons

But what makes us happier is that
Those that fall continue to get closer
They continue feeding our roots with joy
Memories of wonderful moments
Whne there were with us on our way
I wish you, leaf of my life
Peace, love, health, success
Prosperity… today and always
Simply because:

Each person who passes through our lives is unique
Always leaves something of themselves
And takes a piece of us
There are some that take a lot
But there is nobody who leaves nothing

This is the major responsibility
Of our life and the most evident proof
That two should do not
Meet for free
Unknow author

This is not my poem, but I like it a lot. very true – and with this I want to thank you – all those whom I met on my way. And many whom I’ll meet again!