Update on the Enviroweek Challenges Progress

Here’s where I’m at with 3 more days to go:

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1. Have offset my 2 tonnes of CO2 with Greening Australia – check out the certificate:

2. Have switched my superannuation option (like a pension fund) into a sustainable investment fund.

I’m so excited about this one, feels incredibly good to know that my super investments do not contribute to any evil corporations (hopefully). I’ve switched to AMP Capital Responsible Investment Leader Fund through my provider Sunsuper, more info about the option I chose, HERE

3. Still going vegetarian, no plastic bags or cups consumed (perhaps it helps I’m mostly at home this week hehe), and power switches (all, including even wifi!) are off at night.

4. I’ve requested a renewable gas option for our apartment, however the whole building is locked into an exclusive gas provision with AGL, who don’t have any green gas options – boooo! so that’s my challenge done but un-executable unfortunately…

and the only task left is to buy a bike this week! I’m still looking for the best option…

Please support me on my greener journey 🙂

You can donate on my special page HERE