Weekend in Melbourne

Time to describe the greatest weekend getaway I’ve had so far, a couple of weeks ago in Melbourne.

I’ll try to be short, my pictures on flickr tell much more

I went with Patrycja, a friend of mind, Polish intern here in Sydney, and we stayed with another friend of mine in Melbourne, Hungarian guy Tomi (here we go, international networks 🙂

In total:
4 nights,
3 full days,
1 Melbourne city centre,
(..) beers,
many kilometers walked,
250 kilometers of Great Ocean Road seen,
1 horse races attended,
3 live music events,
1 tourist tram line ride and at least 15 times on a normal tram,
3 nights out,
18 hours in those 3 days and 4 nights slept,
(and even the weather was very good and sunny all days, too! even though the weather is said to be the only bad thing about Melbourne 🙂

Night 1:
even as we arrived late, nearly midnight, our wonderful host Tomi convinced us to go for drinks to a local pub, and it was so worth it! local beer (yes, I had VB), and local band making one of best performances I saw (cross-dressed, but what an energy they had!)

Day 1:

Melbourne city walks –
narrow streets with cafes all along (add some more chaos and Middle-Easterness, and there is Cairo Khan El-Khalili for you; add some waffles smell and rocky pavement, and there’s Brussels; love those kind of arcades)

Some landmarks –
Flinders Street Station

Federation Square

Royal Botanical Gardens

And here’s how Adshel’s medium looks like! (I work for a company that is a major player in street furniture advertising, out of home media)

We took trams a lot – it’s interesting how trams a perfectly normal and usual transport in Europe and in Belarus and Russia, but are so interesting for Australia – nearly everyone told me before my trip to Melbourne – “take one of their trams somewhere” hehe

Night 2:

Birthday dinner (and guess what, Thai 🙂 of a friend of a friend in a far away suburb; partying till 3am in 3 clubs/bars in the same building, in a true Melbourne spirit hidden away so you have to find the place; Cookie is one name I remember

Day 2:

Caulfield Cup day! (part of Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival)
The first time ever I’ve visited horse races: great weather, field full of dressed up people (like in a movie, every girl is wearing a head-dress!); champaign in plastic glasses; and the thrill of seeing the horces cross the line and supporting your number… I bet a little and won a little, great and unreal experience I’d never get at home 🙂

Night 3:
Walking around evening streets, Yarra river night views, dinner in one of Italian restaurants on those little streets, some beers in Young&Jackson;’s (one of oldest pubs right in the centre)


[UPDATE: can’t upload images anymore here for some reason, just check here for Great Ocean Road trip]

Wonderful day, full of amazing views and landscapes;
Even got closer to not-so-wild-life – we saw kangaroos, koalas (someone ‘khe-khe’ me, even climbed the tree to get closer…), fed parrots

Drove with U2 loud in the car and wind fresh with ocean breeze, through the hills and turns and turns of what is indeed a GREAT road;

saw simply amazing sites like this (Gibson Steps), which are so serene and perfect without any humans there; but we did jump around with joy anyhow 🙂

Twelve Apostols

and Loch Arch Gorge, where we were running along the beach under the moonlight…
The trip took the whole day – we left the last site in Port Campbell after 8pm, and arrived about 1am back to the city…

Night 4, the last one:
packing, getting the photos and catching a bus at 3am for 6am flight…

Tired but oh soo happy!

Great, GREAT times in Melbourne – I might be even coming back!..